Thursday, January 18, 2018

New Years 2018

My fave part of new year has always been and will always be our looking back and looking forward tradition all 5 Of us in front of the fire at Trent .

We sometimes do Jan 1 or Jan 13 or dec 30 or any other date around new year but it always happens and is probably my fave holiday tradition we have

We learn so much about each family member looking back at the year and what stuck out for them and what they remembered . And then looking forward what they want to have on their lives that year ( more hot girls , no surgery, continue single life , good marks to name a few ! )
It’s really cool . And cool for us as a couple too to learn and grow

What I love is that everyone is engaged into it and like it . I love the time together . And I love that it is uncensored . Some of the stuff on there is a little risky but I love that our kids trust us enough to let it all hang out

We always celebrate dec 31 in a similar way as chase bday . After great brunch out for our boy we all head back to city for New Years celebrations . This year for the first year we had zero kids with us ( they have been trailing off for last few years since all 16 )
We went to Cheryl and Carlos annual party and was fun as they have so many friends always a mix of people there some we know and some just meeting that night . Always a big group and new faces. Had lots of appetizers and yummy desserts and many many platters of sushi .

Stayed until 1am . Went home to sleep just the two of us as chase was as a friends party and bear in st sauveur at party and cottage stayover and beauty slept st a friends house .

Today it is lunch with my mom out just me and she . As of 4:30 back at cottage and a bunch of us gathering there for gift exchange and games and poker night . Vanessa and micheal ( SK ! ) and their three plus niece and nephew and Carroll and Felix and maya all coming
Then a big brunch at Vanessa house tomorrow with a winter wonderland day tobogganing and skating .

We have beauty with us for this party and all week but boys will be working and then bear ski trip etc . What’s fun about this cottage party is all the little kiddies since we don’t have our own anymore ! They are truly like little nieces and nephews to us and cousins to our kids and I love that

Happy 2018 everyone !!