Thursday, January 18, 2018

The end of Vacation 2017

This vacation was quite uneventful in many ways .. just the way we like it

(Very different for my mom who broke 2 toes and can barely walk on top of everything else health wise she deals with . Thank goodness I was able to find a family friend to hire to visit her and help her out many days while gone when I could not be there )

In this second week after the great family weekend with the whole five of us ... Beauty worked daily at the ski hill and so our days consisted of driving her and falling back asleep or reading in bed or both , doing winter sports outside for 2 hrs , picking her up , reading and napping by the fire , making dinner, playing games , watching a movie , and going to bed and starting over again

It is perfection up here in winter wonderland :) will be very sad to leave tonight and back to school and work.

Bear worked most of the week st home at mr boxer and also did an extra lifeguard course he needed for the particular lifeguard position he has this summer . He leaves today for 5 days for mont st Anne cegep ski trip since he has an extra week off .

Chase has been downtown at a fancy hotel for 4 days volunteering for his school and coordinating a huge business school event . He was also the outside bartender in -40 degree as has his bartender training . He got to stay in hotel as one of his best buddies is a very known DJ And hosted that event. He is back to reality tomorrow like us

Beauty had Simon come this weekend since Friday afternoon and we have had so much fun the four of us . I love how she wants him to experience all the cottage traditions and asks for them like sitting g on the couches after dinner before cleaning up with no phones and chatting , pizza making competition , taking a break in movie to eat dessert at the big counter with a candle and of course all our outside stuff we do . It’s fun to keep all of this alive and protected and introduce to new people the magic of Trent life

Was so so cold but they went in the Jacuzzi and her work was cancelled bc of extreme cold so we went and ate lunch at the bakery and Skated together and watched Simon play hockey ( man he is amazing and the whole rink was impressed ! )

Then came home for a big talk we wanted to have with them and it went super well . Was a high of our parenting moments I would say to be able to have that type of discussion and we were super impressed by this young couple . Our daughter hid her face most the time but Simon was really into it and mature and super impressed us . It went so so well and we all felt good about it .

Hubby and them played monopoly for hours and then the big pizza competition which was so fun with the various tastes and names and music accompanying.

Today is shovelling the roof with them , a couple of jobs hubby and Simon will do together and then more skating and hot chocolate at the bakery .

Young love is truly beautiful to watch . Scary too ! So many possibilities for broken hearts but so wonderful to watch as well and I am so happy our daughter first serious relationship is such a loving one .

These two so similar in so many ways . Extremely respectful to eachother and us . Both huge rule followers . We spend tons of times together and first question Beauty asked this morning was “ what are we all doing today ? “

That’s what I love so much about Trent : it’s a family place and we do family stuff for good chunks of the day and evening between individual relaxing and chilling

At home everyone would be in their separate corners except for meals . The cottage ? A whole different world thank goodness and I think that is why our biggest priority in life . It keeps the kids young

Big big cleanup end of day and then back to home and meeting chase for a last dinner out at 8:30pm ! Super excited to see him . And my other lost son all next weekend when he is back from skiing