Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Gold Times Two for Beauty At Hit The Floor!!!!

Emma hip hop team HYPE came first place in the massive Hit the Floor competition in Gatineau !!
It was incredible to watch and see as first place is something you don't necessarily experience in a lifetime for this type of thing .
We were so happy for her !

We saw the dance and then had 3.5 hrs to kill before the awards at 8:30 while she stayed with her team . We ate a poutine , watched some utube trainings and decided to go drop a little money at casino ( haven't done this in 3 yrs ! ) 

Show up 15 mins early at awards and they are over !! ( started early !! )

So while her parents were gambling poor beauty is acecepting first place for her team . So we assume they did not win and then see her face and ribbon 30 mins later and see they came in first !!!!
( thank goodness I won 200 dollars in 10 mins at roulette but still would have way prefffeed to see the awards !! -and ps on way back hubby got speeding ticket( first time in his life and lost it all again !! ) such is the way of life 

Crazy driving weekend as back and forth twice to gatineau ( tonight is her solo !!! )

Last night big bday party at a hall in sauveur for one of hubby's friends and was great to see his gang 
Meeting bruce and Terri today for early dinner before the Solo !
Crazy weekend but fun stuff 

Go beauty go for tonight !!!!!! 

Omg omg omg . Just adding this now beauty won the solo competition too !!!!!!!!!!!

So both first place wins this weekend and so u expected by her and by us ! This is unheard of !! And the biggest competition there is !!!  And her first solo of her lifetime !

It was so incredibly fun . We met my uncle and aunt in gatineau at a great Italian resto and had time to chat and talk and was so nice . Terri did emma hair in these tight French braids for the competition . They came and watched the dance and beauty was so proud and happy to have them there in the audience . We all tried to be as objective as possible after her dance and all agreed that she was the best . She was so so so so good and expressive too and her choreo was seamless . Lots of raw talent in that girl 

The funny thing about beauty is she is just so simple . Her coach had to force her to put on more coats of mascara and lipstick . All the solo competitors these fancy expensive costumes and fancy hair with crowns and glitter and their is beauty in her bra and leggings with two French braids . That is so her .
All the rooms pre conpetion were filled with  hundreds of girls practicing and stretching and dancing and doing their hair and there was beauty just sitting and chatting with me and doing nothing 
She didn't even practice this weekend once 
She just shows up and does her thing 
She is my girl for this . This is me exactly ( I didn't even look at myself for more than a minute at my wedding day )

She was showered by hugs and kisses by is and her aunt and uncle and then her coaches and directors as only 2 solo performers at her whole studio so a big deal for them 
She got beautiful dlowers from bruce and terri and we took tons of pictures . Then anxiously awaited the results 

Was so nice to have family with us to share this . And we had the boys and Didi on text supporting beauty too ! This is just the beginning of competition season and many more to go in next two months 

At the big awards ceremony we almost passed out when they announced her categuy ( solo 16-19 yrs old lyrical ) was "rain " . My heart just soared for our girl  as she won first place !!!

Hype hip hop team and now the solo both first place was not even on the radar of hope . And she did this !!!

It was like the universe was saying " hey girl you are getting rewarded for it it  ans four years and years of dedicadio. We know in a year after that surgery you won't be able to do this again and we want you to know now just how awesome you are right here and right now "

She was so so happy and so were we . It was a weekend full of joy and happiness and pride and exhaustion ( 16 hrs of back and forth driving and Late late nights in school and work nights ) but all so worth it .

We will never forget this weekend and this win 

I chose to make it profoundly happy 
And choose not to allow it to make me profoundly sad 

And you know what ? I think I learnt how to do this ? From our daughter 

I am completely and utterly in awe of her raw talent , her grace , her simplicity and her mindset .

This win is just many of a lifetime for her in all sorts of different and beautiful ways