Friday, March 16, 2018

"The Big Three' ETC...

Things going on around here lately ...

I feel like lately I can't find time to write my blog . I am truly juggling two careers right now as I set up for a new full branch of my current business . It will be a very hectic ( but worthwhile ! ) year 
I have honestly not felt this type of passion about work in my life and have barely started . And that is saying a lot as I am often passionate about my work and career . This is big stuff ! Can't wait to reveal it all soon 

So blogs will be a bit of a brain Dump for now as I find my way and find a way to manage this all . Pics will usually be in separate posts too !

Things I want to remember about the Big Three ( my new name for them from this is us show ! ) they have always been like three triplets to me although 18-24 months apart . Have never seen a show more like so elements of our own family :)

Bear  and getting amazing r score and him screaming from his too.  and our  family dance !!

Beauty opening blog book and saying next year mom will blog about nicaruaga trip   and my solo and for sure I will be on front with my surgery !!! Loves how she pretends doesn't care and LOVES it . So much teenage pretending but sending me clear messages " don't forget me mommy ! " 

Chase telling me that he couldn't make  family dinner for valentines in such a respectful  adult way . He is growing up !

Bear just finished poisonous awful accutane for 5 months ! He survived ! Clearer  skin for sure although lots of scarring of course but so much clearer and looks amazing ! So many awful side effects and limitations and so glad off of it now .  Cross fingers doesn't need second treatment !

Chase and I talk business all the time now . All the time . I adore it . Takes a ton of my time as he texts mid day and wants connections for internships etc but I always told myself I would a totally amazing available mom to them as teens and young adults ( even more than when little for me ) and I am trying to stick to that commitment ! I love it and love this new part of our relationship 

Beauty competition season begins today ! Back and forth gatineau all weekend as has team and solo 2 different days ! Meeting Bruce and Terri for dinner and they are coming :) Having Swiss chalet the other night with our girl ! Can't wait to watch her perform ! Especially knowing may need to be last year because of surgery makes it very emotional for all 

Bear made us a three course dinner one night for a course he is taking in humanities on food . All organic and delicious ! Brie and walnut maple syrup roasted , an amazing Chicken pasta and apple crumble ! So like his dad and neat and tidy and all organized and yummy . She was so excited to serve it and we were more excited to eat it ! Beautiful dinner . We joked that organic food makes our family nicer 

Now about us :

Starting new company ! Mine but hubby actively involved ! A sister company to my existing company . Will be launched in September !
Watching over 50 hrs of training materials to learn how to do this right and going to Ottawa for private mentoring for marketing expertise etc . 
A bold career move for sure !! Fun ( and sometimes complicated ) to share  with hubby . Partnering a lot in this! Also it is preparing for in a few years living abroad in various countries once a year for 3 months at a time and being set up to work virtually there . I can't believe I am doing all this alongside a full career . Overwhelming but also feels amazing too 

Had great celebration dinner with bear and me and hubby and Didi our for fondue as accutane finished celebration . Was so fun !

Few trips coming up :

Miami for 4 days at Easter all 5 
Bali for 2 weeks june me and bear and hubby 
Me and great friend in NYC ( she is there for business and meeting her for a wild 24 hrs ! )

Beauty and humanitarian trip in summer to nicaruaga . And bear maybe next year Kenya !

Also business travel for me to Calgary 

Lots of fun summer plans ( sister savvy and brother and his family coming to Trent  . ) Lots to look forward to upcoming 

That's it for now ! Cottage winter season over so weekends some at cottage and some home so that I will miss as love our winter and time there 

Bye bye !