Wednesday, May 16, 2018

What's happening around here lately?

my #1 star:)))

NYC central park moment discovered book title!! with some amazing help from my brilliant buddy!!!

The winning team!!!

Visit to my older  bro and  family in NYC!!!

my adorable nieces

a  quick stop in to NYC where my collegue and buddy was too!!!

sunsets on way home

mothers day food made by kids

my mama bear:)))) love her sooooooooo much!!!!

MVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! huge honor and new position too for Chase at business school!!

I have been such a bad blogger lately and will continue in that direction given that I am for the last 3 months and next many months building a second full time company along the first full time one . 
So I will likely be writing about 1-2 times a month as will be also starting another business blog in sept that I will announce closer to that time .

I am using this blog now for record keeping sake for myself and my family . Follow along if ever interesting for you !

Short recap of what has been going around here:

 beauty- ots and lots of dance ! And lots of winning . Every competition beauty has been in this season for team Hype or her solo she has won !! Most first place and a couple third place ! ( always based on top three ) . It's been an incredible season . This weekend when it all ends ( 7 shows back to back ) she will shed a lot of tears I am sure .  Seeing lots of friends lately ! Has some hard times in last month and was proud of how she handled . I am feeling sad for her that dance is ended for this season as has left a hole in her heart and schedule and we don't know what 2019 holds on terms of dance so all a bit scary . She is such a trooper and a strong girl . We all have a lot to learn from her . Prepping for her humanitarian trip in August !

Bear - in final exams now . In sciences this is hard and long ! Also tons of research for university and he is exploring Waterloo management engineering very closely . He is going all the way there by car in a few weeks to check it out and spend the weekend to get a feel for it at one of their events . So much ahead for this kid and so many big decisions . Very proud of all his hard work in school  . Now also totally into boxing ! Joined a boxing school . Hard for the mamas heart to have him come home with two black eyes last week . Letting go is no easy thing . Has an awesome group of friends he hangs out with . He seems to have mastered the balance thing lately . He finished school yesterday and soooooooo good to see him relaxing in front of video games this morning lounging around ! Waterloo visit next weekend and a whole new stage of life opening up 

Chase - named  head of logistics for huge committee at JMSb and worked so hard for this . Also named MVP for the same committee . I have never seen anyone as committed to volenteer involvement . Over 3 years in cegep and university he has likely more than 300 plus hrs of massive school involvement ! I guess it is no conincidece he on his own ( no coop ) got one of the best student internships anyone could home for . Oncology at a major  bug Pharma  that he started this week ! We are in awe ! It feels like a whole new world just opened up to this young man . I find these early 20s amazing to sit back and watch as a parent . So much growth and development is happening in the next number of years   and I am so excited to see his life unfold before him . So many new people and experiences and celebrations and obstacles to figure out . It's amazing to watch truly 

Me and Hubby - tons of work on new business together which is crazy and wierd but amazing ! Plus our other careers . It's a lot . 
Will be going to Bali in a couple of weeks with Bear and excited for that . Lots of house and cottage work in between . Spring is not a downtime for us . Can't wait until summer to have some time to unwind on our dock at the cottage . We really are eachothers true partners in life and love . This new business hares venture has really made this abundantly clear

We are being put to the test in what we can handle as workload lately ( and of course self imposed as we have made this choice for now) . We are also being put to the test with our kids 
Although great things going on for them - a hard age and stage in general 

We often feel lonely , alienated or frustrated . Other times blissfully connected to them and happy . Roller coaster ! Lots of disagreements between them and between them and us . Life is harder to all live under one roof at this stage . Two of them are adults trying to find their way ; and one of them is a 16 yrs old girl who can be really hard at times and a delights at others . It's all very hard to manage and deal with too be honest ! This stage are new territories for us to navigate and just trying not to drown !

Mothers days was this weekend and was really really nice . Some mothers days are better than others and this was one of them !
I spent the entire day with my mom on Saturday as we drove to a funeral 2.5 hrs away of my aunts grandma . We had a lot of talking time in the car .  Rushed home to get to beauty's end of year show and Went with hubby and chase and Simon . Then bear met us for dinner at the best all you can eat sushi Chinese place ever . 
I had already said goodnight to beauty and at midnight she came in and gave me the sweetest  hug and kiss and said she wanted to be the first to wish me Mother's Day . Made me feel really nice ! ( although the next day she said forgot to make me a card so at least had that !! )

Both boys came into room as I woke up with huge hugs and kisses and love which was also nice ! Bear then came in room later with the cutest card he made with the most beautiful funny words on it - his cards totally rock and I treasure them year after year 

I chauffeured a good part of the day as beauty had three more dance shows and wanted her with us in between for Mother's Day lunch .
Started day after driving with taking my mom to chapters to browse and choose a book as part of her gift 

Then came home and chase had made a super yummy pesto chicken veggie pasta and beauty cupcakes and hubby fruit platter and was delicious . My mom and I enjoyed it all and just the relaxed time with everyone which is so rare with the 6 of us now these days .

Chase gave me a cute pic with some loving words on the back and hubby gave me an amazing gift of white berkenstock sandals as love the black ones I have and wanted a second pair for upcoming trip to Bali . 

Then we watched a ted talk I had carefully chosen and had our dessert 
Bear had set the table to eat outside on the nice warm and gorgeous day and was so nice to feel like summer is around the corner . Bear also cleaned up everything . Was cute to see them all take over what hubby used to do on Mother's Day and have them select the meal and cook it and clean up etc . I felt very cared for 

After some more back and forth driving hubby me and my mom sat in the backyard to read and write a bit and  napped as the kids went off to all their activities . A nice way to spend the gorgeous day 

It was a super nice Mother's Day and I appreciated every moment of it 

(And ps yesterday beauty presented me with the MOST beautiful card with pics and amazing words I will never forget . Made my Mother's Day complete and I felt so special )